Womens Star Trek Costumes

Trekkie chic is in and the women of Star Trek have never been more fun or sexy! With all of Star Trek movies and a show that is loved by generations of viewers, the in interest in Star Trek and dressing up in sci-fi Star Trek costumes is just as popular as ever. Women’s Star Trek costumes for Halloween, conventions, theme parties, and costume contests are always welcomed with enthusiasm. Women’s Star Trek costumes are not only classic and fun, but they also show that you’ve got a lot going on and you have a great sense of style and pop culture.

If red is your color, you could totally pull off Uhura’s classic look. With gorgeous lines and pretty gold accents, no one could accuse you of not being sexy and feminine. Another classic look is the sky blue which so many gorgeous Star Trek babes wore to work on the bridge of the original series. Pair these classic women’s Star Trek costumes with some costume jewelry, a high pony tail, ankle or knee boots and you’re ready to go! This look is what is most commonly associated with Star Trek and beloved by Trekkers and casual fans alike.

For a more updated look, you could go with the full body style as we saw on the later series. These styles, like the ones worn by Doctor Crusher and Captain Janeway, have crisp lines, hot colors, and will definitely show off your figure. Star Trek shirt and dresses are color coded, based on your position in the Starfleet. Gold is for engineering and blue is for science/medical. These women’s Star Trek costumes will show off not only your body but also your brains. Pair these Star Trek outfits with cute boots and a TNG phaser to show that you’re prepared for whatever alien menace that might come your way.

Of course, no one ever said you have to be human! As a member of the Klingon Empire, you can really make a statement. Show those members of Starfleet that you mean business in your ridged forehead, long, dark locks, and silvery fabric. Klingon women are tough, sexy and totally in charge. Pair your Klingon outfit with some calf-length or knee-high boots and some black gloves to really complete the ensemble. Whether you’re headed for a Halloween party or you’re making a surprise appearance as a time traveler at a renaissance fair, these costumes always make a big splash and show that you’re not afraid to be daring. No matter what, if you want to make a great impression, you can’t go wrong with women’s Star Trek Halloween costumes. They’re fun, accessible, and there’s a style and color for every body type. The women of Star Trek set the standard for sci-fi babes and there is no reason that you can’t do the same by grabbing your own women’s Star Trek costume.

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