Trekker Costumes

For any true Trekkie, you almost need no reason to wear a great Star Trek costume. Whether you are a child who wants to play pretend on the Star Trek voyager, or an adult heading to a party dressed as a Klingon woman, there is a costume available for you. These high-quality costumes are designed to look identical to those in the Star Trek movies and allow any fan to get lost in the world of Sci-Fi thrillers, movies and TV shows.

Men who are attending a costume party, or might be looking for a Sci-Fi Halloween costume, have no shortage of options when it comes to Star Trek costumes. From choosing a red or blue uniform, or possibly even a gold uniform, to deciding to dress up as a Klingon war hero, he is sure to find the exact costume he is looking for for just about any occasion.

Women can get in on all the fun of becoming a member of the Star Trek voyager as well. From pretty and sexy Trekkie uniforms, to an intense Klingon woman, women will have plenty to choose from when picking out the perfect costume for the next gathering. These costumes make great choices for a Halloween party, but they also are perfect for a Star Trek themed party, or simply to have some fun while watching the Star Trek movies.

For parents who have passed their love of Star Trek onto their children there also are plenty of different costume choices available. Young boys can choose from a red, blue or gold uniform — or possibly even decide to wear a Nero costume. Girls can choose from a red, blue or gold dress when deciding what to wear for Halloween.

Star Trek has become a phenomenon and has been loved by many for generations — and will continue to be enjoyed by the generations to come. No matter if you are attending a costume party, or getting ready for Halloween, there is the perfect Star Trek costume out there waiting for you, allowing you to transform yourself for one night and live as a Trekkie.

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