Star Trek the Series and the Costumes are Iconic

Star Trek is an iconic science fiction television series that broke new ground and put science fiction into the collective consciousness of the public. Not only did the series feature great writing and engaging characters, but it also commented on society in general. The original series tackled everything from racism to sexism and feminism to militarism. This was a daring direction for the traditionally conservative medium of television back in the 1960s. This was not only an adventurous step for science fiction, which was a niche genre at the time, but was also an audacious step for television in general.

Not surprisingly, the uniforms and costumes from the series are immediately recognizable to millions of science fiction fans world-wide. The costumes have been hugely popular for everything from Halloween costumes to science fiction convention attire. Fans cannot only enjoy the series on television and in the movie theater, but experience the show and characters while wearing replica Star Trek uniforms and gear.

My personal favorites are the uniforms from the original series. They are almost as renowned as the characters who wore them. The original uniforms came in three colors, red, orange, and blue. The orange uniforms symbolized command. The blue uniforms stood for the science and medical team. The red uniforms represented engineering and security. The uniforms also had a unique emblem pin.

The Next Generation uniforms are also popular. They are a little more stylish than the uniforms from the original series. The Next Generation uniforms have a black pattern as well as a communicator pin.

The costumes from the various alien races are also quite popular. The Klingon costumes not only come with traditional Klingon gear, but also a mask and a head piece, so the wearer can look like a genuine Klingon.

Star Trek gear is also common among Star Trek fans. Reproductions of phasers, tricorders, and communicators are all customary for fans at science fiction conventions.

Star Trek has created a permanent place in television history. The uniforms, the gear, and the aliens are beloved by millions of fans over the span of generations and fans can experience the series with genuine reproductions.

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