Mens Star Trek Costumes

Ever since Star Trek started, people have been dressing up as those characters. There are many men’s Star Trek costumes on the market, and they are sure to impress. Some good men’s Star Trek Halloween costumes can be simple or they can be elaborate. Each costume would bring a different aspect to the table, and with a little flair any costume can be great.

An iconic Star Trek costume would be in the style of the original series. When the die-hard fans think “Star Trek” they are probably thinking the original, Kirk in command gold, Spock in his iconic blue. Spock would be a great character to dress as because everyone, including non Star Trek fans recognizes the character. If you’re looking for a more serious and wise men’s Star Trek costume, a Spock costume would be sure to please. Don’t forget the pointy ears, bushy eyebrows, and anti-gravity boots.

Men’s Star Trek Halloween costumes aren’t necessarily limited to uniforms either. Think of the exotic dress of some other cultures. Think of the elaborate Bajoran dress from Deep Space Nine. Think of the robes that the Vulcans wear. Some die hard fans could even consider going full makeup, wearing a Klingon costume. Imagine coming dressed as a Klingon warrior or even Nero. You would command fear at that party.

A really nice addition to any costume is the accessories. Think of all the great accessories that you could carry. Phasers are the traditional, all purpose weapon so you should definitely carry one. These days, your cell phone can take the place of any Star Trek communication device.

There were five different seasons, each with their separate uniforms. The original series uniforms probably stand out the most in the minds of fans. Wearing a gold uniform would not be mistaken by anyone. The Next Generations Uniforms also stand out, but there isn’t as wide a variety. The colors only serve a smaller role, and each of the characters brought a different character to their uniforms. The Deep Space Nine and Voyager uniforms are also recognizable, but they probably suffer from the fact that they all look alike. The men’s Star Trek Enterprise uniforms more closely resemble a jumpsuit, and would probably seem insignificant in comparison to other costumes. The new Star Trek movie changed up the original series costumes a little, and for a less die-hard party, they would be a great costume addition. Men’s Star Trek costumes come in several varieties so you can choose your favorite.

Even though dressing up in men’s Star Trek costumes is often regarded as being done by trekkers only, a good Star Trek costume can hold its own against any Halloween costume.

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