Girls Star Trek Costumes

Play out your own Star Trek fantasies and dress your daughters in girls Star Trek costumes for Halloween. Bring back the venturesome spirit of going “where no man has gone before”. When Gene Roddenberry created the series in the mid 1960’s, he broke a lot of rules concerning the roles of women on television. How incredible to have a woman on the bridge of the Enterprise, playing roles typically played by men!

With a name that means “freedom”, Lt. Uhuru created a new level of independence as well as creativity for the crew. A perfect replica of her red suit could make your little girls into stars themselves. Either playing the Vulcan harp or making impressions, she had a featured role long before women had any roles that didn’t portray typical stereotypic characters. In the television series, she could rewire all of her communications equipment, and by the time the movies appeared, she got the role of Commander. She had no fear and was able to keep her cool in the face of danger just as well as the men. Uhura was smart and determined, even when the Nomad erased her memory, she has to relearn everything in order to get back in command of the Enterprise. Wearing a girl’s Star Trek costume is not only fun, but it is a statement in feminism and perseverance too.

Take her girl’s Star Trek costume to the next level and make it a family or group affair with everyone acting like the Enterprise crew. With her as Uhura and her siblings and as Captain Kirk, Spock, Scottie and the rest, they’ll make a very commanding crew. Very striking outfits with the Enterprise emblem put you right on board so they are ideal for imaginative girls with an interest in science fiction. Colors available include also blue and black, tan and black, and the very popular red and black. Don’t forget about the bad guys. She can get a brother, or dad, to play Nero in a deluxe black jacket and shirt, along with a tattooed headpiece. His famous quote, “I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life… This day of reckoning”, can be yours too when you take the whole family on a Star Trek adventure.

Your adventurous child will surely reach for the stars this Halloween in her girls Star Trek costume. So put on your creativity hat and select girls Star Trek Halloween costumes for the little females in your family and let that start the collection of something for every member and for friends also. Your adventure starts as soon as you get your costumes ready. Give her a phaser so she can have protection while trick or treating and her cell phone for space-aged communication. Enjoy your flight!

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