Boys Star Trek Costumes

Do you have a little Trekkie in your house? You won’t want to miss out on the costumes here, as they will allow your young Star Trek fan to look like he just stepped off the set of the next movie. If he is an avid viewer of the show, he will want to have something that looks professional, and that is just what you will get here.

If he has always dreamed of joining Starfleet, give him that opportunity by buying an officer’s costume. Black pants are standard, but it’s in the shirt where you have real variety. Shirt color is very important in Star Trek, so your son may have to take some time before deciding on which style of officer uniform to choose. If he picks gold, he can be akin to Captain Kirk, whereas blue will make him like Spock or McCoy. Red is the same as Scotty, but it’s also the color worn by all too many minor officers who get killed on away missions. He might want to think twice before going for that one! On the other hand, there is something inherently impressive about being a surviving red-shirt.

Any officer will be more likely to survive an alien attack if he is properly armed against enemies. Having a phaser can be a big help, so it’s a lucky thing that your son can incorporate this into his costume as well. Boys Star Trek costumes don’t necessarily come with such accessories, but you can purchase them separately. If you want to have a truly convincing ensemble, this is a very good idea.

If your son is a Star Trek fan, chances are that he has a friend who is too. While you are looking for boys Star Trek Halloween costumes for him, you can inquire whether any of his friends might be interested in wearing a uniform as well. Wearing similar uniforms of different colors makes a very cute costume for a duo or trio. If you and another mom coordinate, you could make the costume that much more memorable, and it can be a fun way for two young friends to grow closer together.

Before going out to trick-or-treat, it might be a good idea for your son to brush up on some catch-phrases. He’ll look the part of a Starfleet officer; now he just needs to sound like one. If he and a friend go as fellow officers, they can work out a whole routine inspired by the show. Whatever he decides to do once he dons that uniform, thanks to the boys Star Trek costumes that are available here, your son can take pride in his well-coiffed appearance as he shows off his fondness for Star Trek to everybody in the neighborhood.

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