Adult Star Trek Halloween Costumes

Halloween, the perfect season for hardcore trekkies to come out and show their spirit, is almost here. That’s right, adult Star Trek Halloween costumes are here now. Are you a woman warrior, a Klingon at heart? It’s time to rise and show your true self: get a Klingon mask, black gloves, and boots to go with the adult deluxe Star Trek Tng Klingon Woman Costume. Perhaps you are part of Captain Jean Picard’s crew? In that case, you will have to get the traditional outfit: a black and red shirt and pants with that authentic looking Star Trek symbol on your left breast. Adult Star Trek costumes appeal to generations of trekkers (or trekkies).

Halloween is fun for adults too. There are costume parties to attend and holiday events with the family. Adult Star Trek costumes are a big hit because it reminds people of the classical television show series that everyone loved back then. It reminds people of the late 1960s, when Star Trek first came out. Is a friend of yours hosting a costume party with a prize for the best costume? Show your friends that you don’t have to have a very hairy, scary costume in order to look authentic and win the prize. Better yet, you won’t frighten or traumatize young, new trick and treaters at the door with your costume. When you dress like someone from the SS Enterprise, you have a commanding and futuristic costume that people will love.

No matter what the reason is for wanting to dress up for Halloween: You have many choices, you can dress as Captain Kirk or Captain Picard. Surely there will be much debate as to which one was the better captain. Spock is everybody’s favorite Vulcan. You can wear his blue Star Trek costume shirt and wear the pointed ears, sold separately. Lieutenant Uhura is a ground breaking character from Star Trek, being the only women on the bridge in an all male crew aboard the Enterprise. Wouldn’t Captain Kirk and Uhura make a great couple’s costume for Halloween. You can also go as a group with everyone wearing a different colored shirt. Whether you are classis or Next Generation, all of the Star Wars costumes have the authentic logo on the shirt. There are so realistic that before you know it, your house may be invaded with tribble or worse yet, Klingons.

Time is running out. If you want to beat the rest of the folks to the adult Star Trek costumes, get going. There are many costumes to choose from, for both men and the ladies, human, vulcan or klingon. Let your Star Trek side come out and impress everyone at the Halloween costume party or at the door with your impressive Star Trek costume, like a true trekkie, or trekker, whichever you prefer! After all, Halloween only occurs once a year. You only have one chance to dress up like Star Trek characters and have an out-of-this-world good time.

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