Star Trek Costumes

Star Trek testifies to the resilience of a good idea. Though tame by today’s standards, the tight and sometimes skimpy Star Trek costumes which the program brought to TV each week bordered on scandalous for the 1960s. Even such sex appeal did not help keep the program on the air. It lasted just three seasons on NBC, and then stayed in reruns so long that they had to bring it back.

After some successful movies, nearly 20 years after the original series ended, television reworked the concept for a new generation of viewers. Flashier costumes on Star Trek the Next Generation were more functional, too. Badges had built-in communicators. While it took a few seasons for TNG to meet the social standards of the original series, it proved worthy of the first program to put an interracial kiss on national television. With Deep Space Nine and Voyager the spinoffs continued until the original cast couldn’t keep making movies.

The last original cast movie seemed to end entertainments most popular character dynamic. Spock, Bones, and Capt. Kirk had the kind of friendship everyone wanted. Together they boldly went where no one had gone before, in themes as well as stories. More than anything else, they helped other civilizations without interfering with their natural course – the prime directive.

It’s no wonder that getting Star Trek Halloween costumes remain the prime directive for many people today. Which costume you wear means a lot in Star Trek. With a blue shirt, like Spock’s, you need some pointed ears as well. Any Trekkie knows that red shirt looks sharp, but might as well be a target. Theoretically it distracted from the shirts Capt. Kirk and Spock wore when they all beamed down together. The “Red Shirt” got hit with a phaser, so the others could eliminate the threat. When the 2009 Star Trek film brought back those best buddies, but younger, the space jumper with the red uniform still got himself zapped out of the sky. However, Scottie managed to wear a red shirt in the original series without getting killed. If red is your color, learn to say, “Trick or Treat!” with a Scottish accent.